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Venerable Temples and Shrines in Delhi

When we talk about temples in Delhi it doesn’t mean only about the religious significance of the places. While places like the Connaught Place, President avenue, Chandini Chowk, Old Delhi, South Extension, India Gate and so many others are popular tourist spots; the capital city also houses some of the best temples in Delhi which are simply a must-visit for your Delhi Darshan. It’s not just about the religious aura that a temple emanates; it’s also about its majestic beauty and grandeur. The Lord Ganesha Temple at Tipu Sultan Khan Road is one such grandiose temple. With a dome that looks colossal in size and with a minaret that resembles as a floating temple, the Lord Ganesha Temple is an awe-inspiring site for all.

However, not all temples in Delhi are created equally. There are several such shilas or holy places where you can go for a serene atmosphere and get blessed by the temple priest. Among these is the Lord Brahma Temple at Dilwara Jain Temple, Ram Jain Temple at Mahalkashmi Temple, Kalkaji (orian) Temple at Karol Bagh, Kalkaji (Brahmin) Temple at Mahajara Dargah, Dilwara Jain Temple at Pushkar, Puri Jain Temple at Rameswaram, Satkhanda Jain Temple at Kollam, Sunidhi Temple at Amaranth, Tirupati Jain Temple at Tirupati and much more. All of them have their own significance and are worth visiting and exploring. Some of these temples in Delhi like Lord Brahma Temple, Ram Jain Temple and Karol Bagh Temple have become the heritage of Delhi and serve as an inspiration to all Indians to follow the righteous path.

Some temples in Delhi have gained an iconic status and are known for certain deities or for their unique architectural features. The Kalkaji Temple, for instance, is a great attraction as it has five temples dedicated to Lord Brahma. Among them the main deity is Lord Brahma with other deities such as Goddess Lakshmi, Goddess Ambadevi, Sun God Farah and many more. Devotees offer alcohol-free drinks at the Kalkaji Temple.

Other temples in Delhi include Vishwanath Temple, Ekadash Rudra Temple, Ram Nagar Temple, Chhatarpur Temple, Dilwara Jain Temple and many more. The Vishwanath Temple is a famous monument, as it is dedicated to Lord Vishnu who is the Creator of Universe and has several temples dedicated to him. The Ekadash Rudra Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and has some of his temples dedicated to his consort Goddess Lakshmi.

Some of the important temples in Delhi include Jain Temples like Jain temples at Amarnath and Rameswaram; Gurudwaras like Gurudwara Math in Gurgaon and Ellora Caves near Ellora; as well as Charminar, Qutub Minar and Shri Ram Niwas in New Delhi. All these temples are dedicated to one single deity or the divine concept of ‘God’ and ‘Spirit’. To make the devotees of Lord Hindus feel truly blessed, all these temples have music and dance on a regular basis. There is a saying that says ‘Atithi (at prayer) is the first thing to be remembered after getting up in the morning’. Therefore, the entire festival is dedicated to Lord God and his powers. The message conveyed by the manner is that we should worship only God and nothing else.

Besides these shrines there are many temples, for example the Chandni Chowk, where devotees visit from far and wide to offer prayers and take blessings from the lord. In fact, the demand of Lord Krishna in many parts of India is so high that people have started creating shrines and building temples in their honor. In order to spread the name of Lord Krishna everywhere in India, these devotees have started giving donation to these temples.