temples in delhi

Temples In Delhi

The best temples in Delhi are the eternal temples of Lord Brahma. The several temples of Lord Brahma in Delhi have been around since ages. These temples are one of the main attractions of Delhi. Tourists can visit these temples to feel the love of the lord inside and outside the temple. The temple of Lord Brahma is considered as the biggest attraction of the city.

The main temples in Delhi, of different religions, have various educational, visual, and spiritual value. As such they tend to be very popular places for tourists who like mythology or who are fond of marveling over the architectural architecture. The four main temples of Delhi are Lord Brahma Temple at Jama Masjid, Ramayan Temple, Laxmi Niwas Temple and Vasant Panchami Temple. These temples are dedicated to the Hindu gods and goddesses and are one of the biggest Hindu Temple Complex in Delhi. Tourists get an opportunity to see the rich ancient history and culture of the country.

The temples and their architecture are spread across 70 acres of land. Some of them have even spread across the sea beach. They are spread out over a huge area. This large size makes it very difficult to keep the construction work on track. However, the temple complex has always remained on time.

The temples in Delhi are spread across several zones and areas. Some of them have been constructed inside the complexes whereas others are spread across the outer landscaped areas of the holy land. The shrines built atop these temples are usually dedicated to the lord. They act as a protective force to ward off evil forces from entering in or harming the devotee. The main shrines or temples that are found in Delhi are the Gyaneshwar temple, Kuteti Devi Temple, Vastu Temple, Chandani Chowk and Jain Temples.

The oldest temples in Delhi are the Gyaneshwar Temple which is dedicated to Lord Gyaneshwar and was built almost 600 years back. In the centre of this temple there is a big temple dedicated to Lord Karthikeyan, who is the Lord of Musli. It is believed that Karthikeyan is the father of all the Gurus. All the temples here are dedicated to different deities and are built around the Gyaneshwar Temple.

The Jain Temples is dedicated to the Lord Brahma and his partner Parashurama. This temple complex was built almost 700 years ago during the Jain period. The Ganesha Temple here is dedicated to Ganesha the son of Shiva and Parashurama the daughter of King Ganesha. All these temples are dedicated to the trinity of God who they are dedicated to and have a significance which transcends time and space. No matter where one goes in Delhi, they will find a temple for themselves as these temples are spread out over the city.