new delhi tourism

New Delhi Tourism

Delhi being the capital city of India is a major tourist destination and has a lot to offer to tourists visiting the country. It is a vibrant, lively, cosmopolitan and historic city, which is considered the heart of India by many visitors. Delhi being the national capital of India has innumerable attractions for tourists who visit the country for leisure or business purposes. The city boasts of several monuments, ancient forts, churches, temples, gardens, monuments, etc that not only add charm to the city but also create an unforgettable Indian holiday experience.

There are several fascinating sights and sounds in the city that can leave you breathless and make your New Delhi tourism experience memorable. Delhi being the national capital of India has been around for more than four thousand years and is home to numerous historical monuments and places of worship. Delhi being the capital city of India is also famous for its rich and colorful history. One of the most popular attractions in Delhi is Jama Masjid, which is one of the oldest monuments in the world. Every year there are thousands of tourists who flock to the sacred monument to pay their respects to Lord Muhammad (SAW), the founder of Islam.

New Delhi tourism is incomplete without a visit to the famous Red Fort. The fort was built by the army of Maharaja Jai Singh during the time of partition and it is located at the centre of the city. The monument is regarded as a symbol of unity and love between Pakistan and India. It is a must see place for all those who are interested in India’s history or want to learn about the history of Pakistan. One of the other must see attractions in new Delhi is Pir Panjal, the largest temple in Asia and the biggest building in the world.

The third most visited tourist attraction in new Delhi tourism is Chandni Chowk, a prominent local market located on the edge of the national highway. This large public market is known for its shawls, carpets, garments, accessories, fruits and vegetables and is the ideal place for all types of travelers. The markets are open from Sunday to Friday and on weekdays there are small caravans and vegetable vendors selling their products.

A new Delhi tourism destination that is gaining popularity is the golden triangle tour. Golden triangle tour is one of the oldest and most popular tour packages offered by travel agents. Tourists traveling in this package can choose from Delhi to Agra and back and they will get the chance to witness the Mughal culture firsthand. One can also enjoy the beauty of Jodhpur and Jaisalmer during the golden triangle tour. Delhi and Agra are both part of the golden triangle tours and visitors can make arrangements to visit these places during their stay in Delhi.

New Delhi has been welcoming tourists for centuries. Today it is one of the most popular destinations among foreigners looking to explore the rich Indian history and culture. A new Delhi travel package will allow you to experience this rich tradition-based heritage. There are many things to see and do while in India, and a visit to the city will allow you to see all of them. However, if you have never visited India before, then you will want to consider a customized New Delhi tour or a Delhi travel package that offers customized Delhi tour experiences tailor-made for the best India experience.