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Enjoy Your New Delhi Tourism With a Perfect Trip to Rajasthan

The growth in India’s tourism industry has led to a surge in the number of foreign direct investment (FDI) in New Delhi tourism sector. The capital city of India has emerged as one of the premier tourist destinations in the country. It attracts tourists from all across the world. Delhi has many sightseeing places, historical monuments, historical buildings, world heritage sites, ancient monuments, and religious places that can be visited by both domestic and international tourists. New Delhi comprises a major part of India’s capital city and is home to various political entities as well. New Delhi tourism also encompasses a large number of activities such as art galleries, museums, restaurants and hotels, and is considered one of the most happening cities in India.

There are numerous tourist attractions in Delhi, which make for an unforgettable experience when on a New Delhi tourism tour. New Delhi is an administrative region of the National Capital Territory of Delhi and is the headquarters of all the three branches of government of India. The capital city is also home to the topmost residence of India’s hereditary rulers -the emperors and the queens.

During New Delhi tourism travel you will come across some of the finest historical monuments and ancient buildings, like Qutub Minar, Humayun’s Tomb, Red Fort, Old Fort, India Gate, Old Fort Craftsmen’s Park, India Gate and parliament House. These historical monuments and buildings have a universal appeal that can be explored during New Delhi travel. If you have not visited these monuments or buildings in India before then, a New Delhi tour will allow you to do just that. One can also view a glimpse of the various styles of architecture prevalent in Old Delhi through New Delhi travel.

An extremely important part of New Delhi tourism is its Chor bazaar that houses more than 800 shops. This is one of the best shopping complexes in the city. It houses a wide variety of handicrafts, fabrics, carpets, wallpapers, handloom, beads, silverware and many more. The Chor bazaar, with the help of local artisans, sellsnamable items including jewelry, carpets, paper mache, bamboo products, leather products, garments, bedspreads and other such useful things.

New Delhi tourism is incomplete without visiting the renowned shrines of Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Prabha. All the three temples hold special significance for the Hindus and are a major source of attraction to new Delhi dwellers. They are spread around in different parts of India but are especially prominent in the northern part of India. The most popular of these is the Lord Brahma Temple at Tirupati and the Lord Vishnu Temple at Trivandrum.

If you are an adventure lover then you must not miss a trip to Jodhpur, the largest state of Andhra Pradesh. Here you can have a look at the stunning desert landscapes and wonderful forts and palaces. There are several hill stations here that you can visit during your jodhpur deluxe tour. While in Jodhpur, also check out the many desert safaris that are available in the state, especially in the district of Alwar. The most famous of these is the Alwar Shelf Tour, where you can enjoy driving safari in a tractored open top vehicle, amidst the beautifully adorned fields and dense forests of the state.