Delhi, the capital city of India, has always been a hot favourite among people looking to buy property in New Delhi. With a lot of historical monuments and cultural marvels, Delhi is not only a prime economic centre of India but also popular among people who are planning to buy a property in New Delhi. The real estate market in New Delhi has seen a surge in the past few years with a lot of projects and residential townships getting constructed in the city. These developments have greatly improved the scenario for home buying and selling in the city.

property in new delhi

The recent hike in prices of property in New Delhi has made it a hot tourist destination. Property experts believe that if the prices of property in New Delhi are reduced further, it will help the buyer to get a good deal on a property they want to purchase. “The buyer now has the option of choosing from any property in New Delhi regardless of the price. The focus is on finding a good sale offer and not necessarily on the price as a few years back when the prices were high and there was less competition in the property market,” says Shashank Manoor, CEO of Invite Real Estate.

While earlier, the buyers had limited choices in the property market, due to lack of public transport, better connectivity and many other factors, now with the introduction of the national railway system, things have drastically changed. People residing in the rural areas can now access the city easily. “Now with the increasing number of non-metropolitan people moving to Delhi, the real estate market is witnessing unprecedented growth. The availability of properties on sale has increased and there is a heightened possibility of getting a good deal when buying property in New Delhi,” explains Manish Shah, a Delhi real estate consultant.

One of the most popular places to buy a property in New Delhi is Prithviraj Road. This road is renowned for housing the elite and middle class citizens of New Delhi. With innumerable brands and reputed names flocking to put up their offices here, this area is also considered to be among the most expensive in the city. However, a property in Prithviraj has its own downside as the buyer need to spend extra money on making it more attractive. Also, since the demand for property in New Delhi is always high during off-peak seasons, the prices usually go up at these times.

When buying a property in New Delhi, the first thing to be considered is the location. There are plenty of options available and it is recommended that the buyer scout around to find out which locality suits him the best. The prime locations in Delhi include Andheria, Chandni Chowk, GK II, Lodi Colony, Shahjahan Road, Rajendra Nagar and Fergusson College Road. Although there is no dearth of good locations, it is better to check out the property beforehand by going around and checking out the building and see if it suits your requirements. It is also advisable to check out the property from the prospective buyer’s point of view and compare it with others sold in the same locality.

Another thing to be considered before buying a property is to ensure that the seller is genuine and not a scammer. Most of the buyers who buy property in New Delhi to end up facing problems and thus end up losing their hard earned money. To avoid such a situation, it is better to verify the credentials of the seller and cross check all his credentials so that you do not end up buying a fraud property. Once you get satisfied with the property, then only you can sign the deal and make the final payments towards the purchase of the property.