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Places to Visit in India

Places to Visit in IndiaPlaces to visit in Delhi, India are as varied as the city's culture and population. To the south lies the capital city of India, New Delhi, an old residential region, now a bustling commercial center. In Old Delhi, there stands the imposing Mughal-style Red Fort, with its massive ancient fortification, housing the famous Red Fort Palace. Next to it is Chandni Chowk, which once served as a busy bazaar, now has scores of sweets shops, fruit [...]

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Major Hindu Religious Temples In Delhi

Major Hindu Religious Temples In DelhiIndia is undoubtedly a land of rich religious and cultural tradition where visitors from around the globe come to experience its splendor. Delhi is perhaps the right place for all those looking for a taste of Indian culture, spirituality, and refreshing aura. The city shelters a host of temples and for that, visiting each and every spot on a day-to-day basis is not possible. Here is what tourists should keep in mind while visiting the [...]

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New Delhi Tourism

New Delhi TourismDelhi being the capital city of India is a major tourist destination and has a lot to offer to tourists visiting the country. It is a vibrant, lively, cosmopolitan and historic city, which is considered the heart of India by many visitors. Delhi being the national capital of India has innumerable attractions for tourists who visit the country for leisure or business purposes. The city boasts of several monuments, ancient forts, churches, temples, gardens, monuments, etc that not [...]

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Places to Visit in New Delhi

Delhi, India is the capital city of India. A sprawling metropolitan region, Delhi, India has a wide range of places to visit. From historic monuments and shrines, historic forts and palaces to colorful markets and restaurants, Delhi is all that you need to see while on a trip to India. The capital city is divided into three parts namely Old Delhi, New Delhi and Metalsa Delhi. In Old Delhi there are many monuments and old buildings that are a part [...]

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Buying a Property in New Delhi

Purchasing a property in New Delhi is easy but you need to be very careful while doing so. There are many fraudulent agents who take advantage of the property shortage and make all kinds of false promises and then leave the deal half way. You must be aware of these risks and plan your finances in such a manner so that your property does not get into wrong hands. The first step towards investing in a property in New Delhi [...]

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Temples In Delhi

Temples In DelhiThe best temples in Delhi are the eternal temples of Lord Brahma. The several temples of Lord Brahma in Delhi have been around since ages. These temples are one of the main attractions of Delhi. Tourists can visit these temples to feel the love of the lord inside and outside the temple. The temple of Lord Brahma is considered as the biggest attraction of the city. The main temples in Delhi, of different religions, have various educational, visual, [...]

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Enjoy Your New Delhi Tourism With a Perfect Trip to Rajasthan

Enjoy Your New Delhi Tourism With a Perfect Trip to RajasthanThe growth in India's tourism industry has led to a surge in the number of foreign direct investment (FDI) in New Delhi tourism sector. The capital city of India has emerged as one of the premier tourist destinations in the country. It attracts tourists from all across the world. Delhi has many sightseeing places, historical monuments, historical buildings, world heritage sites, ancient monuments, and religious places that can be visited [...]

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Hotels In Delhi – Choose A Good Place To Spend Your Vacation

Hotels In Delhi - Choose A Good Place To Spend Your VacationDelhi is an expensive city to stay in, but with so many options it is not a difficult choice. The religious monuments, historical places, fashionable markets, well-known cultural spots, charming starry shikhas and appealing food all attract tourists throughout the year. There are endless numbers of hotels in Delhi ranging from five star luxury hotels, economy hotels, hostel, dormitory and homestay catering to all the accommodation needs of different [...]

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New Delhi Tours

New Delhi ToursDelhi is one of the most popular tour destinations of India. With its magnificent monuments, blooming gardens, magnificent forts and palaces, art galleries, temples, havelis, etc, it is one of the major tourist destinations in the country. There are plenty of travel packages to select from, when planning a holiday here. Read on to know about some of the top best Delhi tours that you can go for in your next holidays in India. The popular tourist destinations [...]

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Delhi Tourism – Splendor Of Indian History

Delhi has become one of the most happening, buzzing and vibrant cities in India. It is home to numerous historical monuments and other historic landmarks. Tourists from all over the country visit New Delhi frequently for a taste of its splendid culture, history and various attractions. New Delhi tourism is a thriving industry, which is worth millions of dollars. It also attracts thousands of domestic as well as international tourists every year. Delhi has been called as "the city that [...]

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